Beginning Graphic Design Typography

Easy Typography Basics for Beginners and Designers [VIDEO]

Learning about typography shouldn’t be complicated. In this 6-minute clip, shows you the basics, easy do’s and don’ts, as well as a couple of tips even pros will appreciate. Understanding why typography matters can help you in many cases...

/ July 21, 2017
154 Must-Read WordPress Resources to Build a Killer Website

154+ Must-Read WordPress Resources to Build a Killer Website

People who create websites for their business, nonprofit organization, or for personal use will want a site that people will want to visit constantly. For starters, it's better to stick with the best. WordPress always gets the most vote for...

/ July 19, 2017
paper cut

60 Paper Cut Artworks to Enhance Your Creativity Muscle

People have been turning paper into beautiful works of art for centuries. Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, is one such example. But that’s not the only way for you to create exceptional works of art using paper. Add...

/ July 19, 2017
Moving Typography Quotes

30 Dynamic Typography Quotes For Designers

For artists and designers, art is their life and creativity is their spirit. But sometimes, even the best ones find their creativity at a loss. To help jumpstart your creative spirit and reawaken your artist’s soul, here are 30 moving...

/ July 17, 2017

30 Jaw Dropping Wedding & Event Invitation Cards

It’s safe to say that any event needs an amazing invitation. It’s not just a small card that tell people where it’s happening or what it’s about. There’s so much more that an invitation can do. Probably one of the...

/ July 14, 2017

60 Free Hipster Fonts for 2017

How do you define a hipster? A hipster is a person who stays updated with the latest trends; someone who is hip. Yet another definition for hipster means having a retro or a throwback vibe. Quite confusing, to be honest,...

/ July 12, 2017
How to Make MONEY as a Graphic Designer

4 Easy Ways To Earn Money as a Graphic Designer [VIDEO]

Forget the old belief that you can’t make money as an artist. The digital age now provides creatives with a potluck of opportunities to earn an income. In this video, freelance graphic designer Will Paterson, discusses FOUR common ways on...

/ July 12, 2017
business man fixing collar dress shirt

8 Proven Ways to Manage People (Stay Focused in A Busy Office)

The difference between a mediocre manager and an extraordinary one, are many. Depending on the specific managers in question, there are likely to be many differences in style and approach between any individual and the next. But which combination makes...

/ July 11, 2017